FTX Aviation was established in 2017 by Brandon Maso, CFII. With the understanding that most of your “traditional” flight schools are very old school and have not developed ways to be cutting edge, Brandon founded FTX on the grounds of creating an interactive and modern flight school for any anyone – pilot or not. Brandon decided that he has a better way and can make flight training extremely fun while still maintaining the highest level of safety!

To create as many pilots the world can handle. All while doing it in a fun and exciting training atmosphere. No boring dusty old books or falling asleep in ground school around here!

FTX Documents

Grab a hold of all the documents you need to learn!

Addison Driver Information

Get up to speed on regulations for driving around the airport.

Our Program

Private Pilot

Step one is becoming a private pilot and learning the basics of aviation through safe and enjoyable training

Instrument Pilot

Really learn how to fly by advancing your skill set and earning that Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilot

Achieve the ranks of Commercial Pilot and let your dreams become reality when you’re being paid real hard cash to fly an airplane


Be a part of creating the future generations of pilots by earning your Flight Instructor Certificate

Brandon is very experienced and realizes how to connect with his students all while ensuring your safety and preparedness. The program is affordable and efficient as it took me 5 months to earn my certificate. I know I’ll be an excellent pilot because of his method.

Jack HovingPrivate Pilot