• Creating an IACRA Account

In order to begin training and as a pre-requestie for your first solo. You must obtain a student pilot certificate through the FAA’s electronic airman database system, otherwise known as IACRA. Please go to the following website to register for IACRA: https://iacra.faa.gov/IACRA/Default.aspx
After creating your account, please store your password, user name, AND File Tracking Number (FTN), which is a number randomly generated by the system, in a safe place. You will need all three things in order to start or process any airman certificate from this point into perpetuity.

Register for an account


Click on “start new application”


Under “type of application,” select “pilot”, then “student pilot” under step two, then follow the remaining instructions with each subsequent page and fill in the requested information.


Please complete as much of the application as possible, however, in order to finalize this, you will need my (an instructor’s) electronic approval. Per the way the FAA has designed the system, I must be physically next to you and log into the same browser in order to finalize the action–this is done so that I can verify your government-issued photo-ID.


Any sections that do not apply, or do not yet apply to you, leave blank. For example, if you do not yet have a medical, leave it blank. If you have no flight hours yet, leave all of that blank. No hours or medical are required for a student pilot certificate to be processed.


Please also note that once you near the end of training, you will apply for your private/instrument/commercial, etc. certificate using IACRA in a similar fashion. So, keep track of this information for a later date.